Hi All!

A coworker of mine has been telling me that i really need to start up a blog, and in the back of my mind I was always saying yeah but sort of afraid. Well I have been making a pact with myself that I will become more adventurous and willing to positive ideas...so here goes. I have been sewing so much now that I am out of classes for summer. Hopefully I will have this newfound creative streak flowing through when classes start back. Anyway I would like to show a few projects that I have been working on lately.
I was in desperate need of a new laundry bag. The old dollar laundry bag that I had purchased from Target four or so years ago finally had it. So I gathered up one of my vintage pillowcases, a vintage sheet, and long zipper and sat d0wn to work. I'm pretty satisfied with it and the ladies at work love it.

I was just toying around with some other vintage sheets and came up with a little makeup bag. I really love vintage sheets.

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