Vintage sheet love!!

I have been nonstop with sorting through my vintage linens, trying to use up the scraps and cut into the new ones (and some of the old ones, too). After making my monogrammed pillow sham, I have done nothing but work on more. I've been enjoying cutting and ripping sheets that I've just found and ones that I've forgotten I had and piecing them all together like a puzzle. I'm also enjoying the numerous color combos that can be created. I made four yesterday.

Strawberry Limeade

Fruit Punch

Sparkling Lemonade

Blue Raspberry

I love the patchwork and bright colors; they make me happy!! These will be available in the shop later this week along with some knapsacks I've been working on.
{Have a happy day!!!}


Thrifting 8.27.11

I haven't had thrift scores like the two I've had today and yesterday and an extremely long time. This excites me! And makes me want to make lots and lots of things. Actually it makes me want to take a freshly laundered sheet, lay it out in my yard, and just rest and read on it. It's just the perfect weather for it; gotta love late summer! Anyway, sorry for digressing.
I found 5 more sheets and 2 more pillowcases today. I'm so glad. I won't have to go thrifting for a while (yeah right!!). The blue/green floral one is a sheet that I have acquired many times over the years. I wish I could find the pink/red version of it. The striped pillowcase is another that I have a couple of, but you can never have too many stripes, right?

This is another favorite of the trip. I love the light pinkish-peachy color it has. I also have it in a golden yellow, but I like this pink one better.

Well I'm off to finish laundering these babies.

Vintage sheet monogrammed pillow sham

I got a sudden burst of creativity early this morning and wanted to use up some of my sheet scraps that I have piled up. So I made a monogrammed pillow sham. I used a few sheets that had a similar color scheme to them.

Front of sham

Back of sham

Close-up of monogram

I'm pretty pleased with the result. I'm ready to try it out now!! LoL.
Happy crafting everyone!


Thrifting 8.26.11

Hi gang! I know it's been a long time since I've been on. I'm back from my vacation; I actually got back earlier this week. It was a wonderful trip!

Anyway back to the norm now. So I went thrifting this afternoon after work. I didn't realize how much I missed thrifting! I went to my favorite thrift store today, Harvest Mission Thrift. I usually go there for vintage buttons; zippers; and tapes, but today I found an incredible lot of vintage linens and books. They also had mountains of vintage fabrics rolled and taped up. My eyes nearly jumped out of my head from all the treasures they had today.
I only bought vintage pillowcases, sheets, a towel, and sewing books. That was enough; I brought home 2 huge bags full.

I got these 2 books because they look interesting and because I have an affinity for Singer manuals. Unfortunately the Singer book has a little water damage, but I don't think the pages are stuck together because of it.

These are my pillowcases, towel, and triangle ruler I found there. Some of the prints I already own in sheet form. I can't wait to put them up.

I also found these 5 sheets. Some of these sheets I already own and some I have in pillowcase form.

This is one of my favorite finds of the trip! I love the floral bouquets on it.

The piece on the left is the towel and the one on the right is a sheet. They have the same print; I just had to get them! I have no idea what I'll do with the towel, but it's just fun to the same print on 2 different textiles.

All in all, it was one of my most successful thrifting trips I've had in a very long time. I bought 1 ruler, 1 vintage towel, 2 vitange sewing books, 6 vintage pillowcases, and 5 vintage sheets all for under $13. I was EXCITED!!


Shop update

I've got some brand new goodies in the shop. I added a couple of bags and scrap packs. Also I am going to be heading to New York vacay; so if I don't blog that much over the next week, I promise I'm not neglecting you guys! You all be good and I'll chat later when I return!!!


Shop update

I have just listed the owl keychain card holders in the shop!

And the winners are...

Brenda, Lynn, and OhioMomPatriot!! Congrats, ladies, you all are the winners of my blog birthday giveaway!! Each of you will receive a prize in your respective order. Now send me an email: lani5287@yahoo.com with your addresses so that I can get your prizes out to you!! Thanks to all who participated.


Owl obsession

So I've been working on a couple of owl-related items lately.
I needed some address labels and couldn't find any that I exactly liked. So I made some from some free Thanksgiving labels that I found on My Owl Barn. I went through and edited it exactly how I wanted, added my info, and voila!!

I love exactly how they turned out. I also made some blank labels like these, so I can wrap around my vintage spice jars turned sewing notions jars.

I also have embroidered a rainbow family of card-toting keychain owls for the shop. These owls were made with the embroidery machine and from vintage sheets. I love how bright they are.

They perfectly keep credit cards, i.d. cards, and business cards in one convenient place. They also are keychains. So you always have everything handy!!

I have had mine for many many months (and if you'd look at it you could tell!) and I LOVE it!!! I barely even use my wallet.

Anyway just wanted to show you the few things I've done. Winners of the blog birthday giveaway annouced tomorrow!!!!


DIY necklace holder

I'm constantly looking for cheap and easy ways to make something that's both functional and aesthetic but mostly functional.
Since it seems like lately the non-sewing projects I've been doing has been pertaining to my jewelry collection, I figured I'd continue with that trend. Today I brought you a simple, simple diy for a necklace holder. It's so easy and so cheap. It only cost me about 3 bucks to whip it together. So without further ado, I'll commence.

The only things you will need are 1-3 knobs (or how many ever you like), a piece of wood, and a drill, oh and paint is optional.

I predrilled my holes before painting, but you can do it the other way around. Totally up to you because the holes won't be noticeable after you put your knobs on.
*Here's a bit of advice for drilling: with my drill bits I have a gauge, I heavily advise using your screw with the gauge so you don't drill too large of a hole. I say this because my knobs didn't state what diameter screws I had (I purchased them from a stuffed warehouse) and I almost drilled holes that were way too large. Second piece of advice: get knobs that screw in from the back so that you don't have to saw off any excess or scratch up your walls.*

Next attach your knobs.

Lastly hang and use!!! I used the circle picture hangers that you just press into the back. But you can drill a hole, use mounting tape or whatever other method you usually use.

This project literally takes a couple of minutes to complete and is not exhausting to make. So make one or two or a few!!