Thrifting 8.27.11

I haven't had thrift scores like the two I've had today and yesterday and an extremely long time. This excites me! And makes me want to make lots and lots of things. Actually it makes me want to take a freshly laundered sheet, lay it out in my yard, and just rest and read on it. It's just the perfect weather for it; gotta love late summer! Anyway, sorry for digressing.
I found 5 more sheets and 2 more pillowcases today. I'm so glad. I won't have to go thrifting for a while (yeah right!!). The blue/green floral one is a sheet that I have acquired many times over the years. I wish I could find the pink/red version of it. The striped pillowcase is another that I have a couple of, but you can never have too many stripes, right?

This is another favorite of the trip. I love the light pinkish-peachy color it has. I also have it in a golden yellow, but I like this pink one better.

Well I'm off to finish laundering these babies.

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