DIY necklace holder

I'm constantly looking for cheap and easy ways to make something that's both functional and aesthetic but mostly functional.
Since it seems like lately the non-sewing projects I've been doing has been pertaining to my jewelry collection, I figured I'd continue with that trend. Today I brought you a simple, simple diy for a necklace holder. It's so easy and so cheap. It only cost me about 3 bucks to whip it together. So without further ado, I'll commence.

The only things you will need are 1-3 knobs (or how many ever you like), a piece of wood, and a drill, oh and paint is optional.

I predrilled my holes before painting, but you can do it the other way around. Totally up to you because the holes won't be noticeable after you put your knobs on.
*Here's a bit of advice for drilling: with my drill bits I have a gauge, I heavily advise using your screw with the gauge so you don't drill too large of a hole. I say this because my knobs didn't state what diameter screws I had (I purchased them from a stuffed warehouse) and I almost drilled holes that were way too large. Second piece of advice: get knobs that screw in from the back so that you don't have to saw off any excess or scratch up your walls.*

Next attach your knobs.

Lastly hang and use!!! I used the circle picture hangers that you just press into the back. But you can drill a hole, use mounting tape or whatever other method you usually use.

This project literally takes a couple of minutes to complete and is not exhausting to make. So make one or two or a few!!


  1. love it,,
    Hey let me know when the bags done :)

  2. This is so cute. I"ll have to try it. I'm following you from Blogger Swap on S-B. Hope you'll visit and follow on mine even tho we weren't partners.

    Coleen in Ukraine


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