In-The-Hoop Crayon Roll File Available

For a limited time, I am offering this design download for 4" x 4" hoops in PES format.

I created this ITH crayon roll for two reasons: 1.) I wanted to donate a few of them to charities for kids this season so they will have something to take along in their pockets, and 2.) I wanted to give people with 4x4 hoops something more to stitch out than just regular aplliques and filled designs.

The design is available for download at Sew Forum for a few weeks. The terms of use and instructions are also posted there.



My New Wall-hanging

I bought a clearanced custom frame last year when I worked at Hobby Lobby. It was an odd measurement; the opening measured 12" by 29.5" and it was a natural wood with no stain. I bought it in hopes to turn it into a headboard. I couldn't ever think of any great ideas for a headboard. So it sat in the way until today.

Today I figured I would finally turn this odd frame into a piece of art. So I went to my vintage sheet scraps and pulled a few pieces out and started working. And came up with this:

I'm not sure if I'm going to still use it as a headboard or hang it on the wall. I rested it on my thread rack just for picture purposes.

It's made from some thin muslin, vintage sheet scraps, vintage bias tape, and some of my own machine embroidery. I live the addition of the little birdies testing on top of the bunting. I layered the fabric on top of some felt just for stability before stapling it to the frame.

I didn't sew the bunting pennants down because I like the movement they have when the wind catches them. It seems like a real bunting floating in the wind.


Glittery Gingerbread Crayons

I've been wanting for a while now to make some shaped crayons with my girlie. So yesterday we finally made some. I went to Hobby Lobby and got a silicone gingerbread ice tray and to the dollar store for a big box of crayons. I already had fine glitter at home.

We broke up the crayons and put them into the little shapes, and I added glitter to it. We put 2 different colors into each mold just to give it a swirled/marbled effect. I, then, put them in the oven. This was trial and error for me because we used 2 different brands of crayons, and I noticed that one brand wasn't really melting how it should. So I had to fill those molds with crayons that would melt and reheat them all.

They also make great building blocks when they aren't being used to color.

I think these may make their way into the goodie bags for the kiddos in her class this Christmas!


DIY Leaf Ring

I ordered some brass leaves a while ago from Fancifuls, Inc to use to make some earrings. That never panned out. I was messing around the other night with the leaves and decided to make rings instead. It's a fairly simple process that makes a pretty stunning piece of jewelry. So let's get started.

All you will really need is a malleable metal finding or embellishment about 1.5" to 2.5" in width, your fingers, and pliers. My leaf is 2.25" from tip to tip.

Then start to bend both ends inward to curve into a ring shape.

Now take your pliers and slightly bend your ends, taking care not to push too much so that you don't poke it into your finger.

Shape your ring a little more. Try it on and make adjustments as needed. When I'm done I take the ring and roll it on a hard surface so that you smooth out some of the roughness of your handiwork.

Wear to your next outing!

This is what it looks like on the back:

Thrifting 11.23.11

My main objective for today was to get a lot of thrifting done. Unfortunately I didn't really follow through with that plan. BUT I did get a mediocre thrift done. I, honestly, realized how much I didn't want to be out of town thrifting all day, so I cut my out-of-town trip sort of short. It was still VERY effective. I am surprised at the little loot I did score. On another sad note, there aren't any vintage linens in this one; there seems to be a bit of a dry spot for them around town lately. I needed a break from them anyway, lol. On with it!

I remember when I was about 7 or 8 my mom had all those flashy gold metal belts that clinked and clanked whenever she walked. In particular, I vividly remember a big chain belt with a lion's face as the buckle. I don't ever recall what happened to that belt; I guess she got rid of it. Lion head belts and accessories are definitely a big thing this season. Everything from earrings to belts are being produced and worn about.
Well while browsing through belts in a Goodwill today, I found not one but TWO double lion head belts. And one was $1 and the other was $.50.

It was funny because I recognized the belt part of the gold stretchy belt from something my mom had and figured it could either be one of those snake belts (that I'm dying to find) or the double lion head belt. Then two seconds later I found yet another double lion head belt. I knew they were both too small for me to wear, but I was hoping to turn them into jewelry or a fitting belt.

I love these guys. I can transfer the buckles of the black belt onto another belt. As for the gold one, I turned it into this:

A wonderful wrap bracelet. I tried to wear it as a necklace but it just wouldn't lay flat. Oh well, found another great use.

At that same Goodwill, I found a pair of genuine leather mid-calf cowboy boots. I have been hunting down cowboy boots in stores, on eBay, etsy, and shopgoodwill.com. I have found some decent things on etsy that are fairly low priced. BUT I didn't want to purchase them if I hadn't tried them on. My lower legs are made strange. I have narrow feet with tiny ankles and huge calves. Nine times out of ten things will fit my feet but not my calf, so I half issues with buying boots.

These babies only cost me $6. I did a little jig and sang to myself as I carried them across the store. And the really really fit well. They're a little slouchy like I wanted. Yay!

I, then, went to a Salvation Army and found a couple of things. I found this old plastic storage box that I'm guessing is from the 70s.

It's pretty large. It's originally from Walgreen's. It still has the original Walgreen's price sticker where it cost 1.69 (and I had to dish out 2 bucks for it, ripoff!). The top is a nice avocado hue, one of my faves. I'm thinking about using it for my ankle boots, since those won't really fit in the plastic shoe boxes.

I also got a black-and-white checked batwing, double-breasted sweater that I pounced on as soon as my eyes noticed it.

It's so comfy too. It has a few moth nimbles, but that doesn't bother me. I'm a sweater/jacket fiend. I'll usually tote one around all year just-because. I thought this was a great fall sweater.

I made a new purchase from Target early this morning. I had been lusting for this pair ever since I first saw them.

I saw a pair at Old Navy but they didn't look nearly as good as these.

Anyway that was my excitement for the day! Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!!!


A Few Vintage Sheets Items

I've been a tad busy despite the fact that I've been absent. I've planned a few swaps on swap-bot and have had a few orders in the shop. I created a vintage sheet tote swap a little while ago and made a couple of bags for that.

Closeup of roses and ruffles

I met another Lani. She is from Strawberry MilkMade. I love her blog. I met her from the vintage sheet tote swap, and she ordered a couple of items from me. I made her a custom owl camera bag.

I want one now. I'm surprised at how well I came out.

I also volunteered to replace a swap that someone never sent to a girl in one of my swap groups on swap-bot. I think the swap was a rainbow owl softie theme. I'm not really sure. But she said she lacked purple, so that's what I made her.

I actually digitized this little guy months ago and really didn't have anything to user it for. I stitched out on my embroidery machine. It is quite cute.

I also signed up for a handmade stocking swap that had to be filled with craft supplies.



I haven't decided what to fill out with yet but at least the stocking is done.

Lastly, I found a wooden owl bookend at the thrift store this weekend.

It's pretty solid with a flocked base. It's missing an ear, though, but for 50 cents can I really complain about that.....


Vintage Notions Packages

I have many different types of packaging for vintage sewing notions left from using up bias tape or buttons and such. I also like to use them with bias tape or button assortments that I make up.

I've scanned a few of these packages to share with you guys to use. I dunno, maybe you can use them as tags or scrapbooking or other things. Like I stated I scanned them and didn't really clean them up. I hope you all can enjoy these.

Bias tape

Button Card


(Being that I do not know about copyrights on this sort of thing, this is for personal use only. Just right-click on the image and save. You know how this goes..)



Thrift Find Lust: Oxfords

I know I've been missing for awhile. My camera has been broken and I had to send it back to get fixed. I just got out back, so I should have some new posts coming soon.

Oxfords are hot this season. I have already bought a taupe pair. When I went to New York this summer, I saw them in every nude shade, floral print, and glitzy glitter metallic. So when I got back home, I ordered a pair.
Well I was in the thrifty store the other day and spotted a pair of vintage tapered square-toe linen and leather oxfords for just $2.99

Yeah I know. Only $2.99!! What a steal! BUT they were an 8, a half size to small. I mean I tried to squeeze into them too. I was saddened. I mean, DEEPLY... But then I remembered yesterday that I had ordered these last week:

I got them from Go Jane. They are leatherette and linen boots. So I guess I shouldn't be sad anymore. But I'm kinda greedy and would have rather had the 20 year old shoes instead (or as well!) Goes to show, fashion does repeat itself.

I'll be posting some things that I've made soon. I've made wool capes for me and my tot, a few vintage sheet totes, some owl accessories and a whole mess of jewelry. I've really been trying to upcycle things like crazy.