Glittery Gingerbread Crayons

I've been wanting for a while now to make some shaped crayons with my girlie. So yesterday we finally made some. I went to Hobby Lobby and got a silicone gingerbread ice tray and to the dollar store for a big box of crayons. I already had fine glitter at home.

We broke up the crayons and put them into the little shapes, and I added glitter to it. We put 2 different colors into each mold just to give it a swirled/marbled effect. I, then, put them in the oven. This was trial and error for me because we used 2 different brands of crayons, and I noticed that one brand wasn't really melting how it should. So I had to fill those molds with crayons that would melt and reheat them all.

They also make great building blocks when they aren't being used to color.

I think these may make their way into the goodie bags for the kiddos in her class this Christmas!


  1. You & your daughter are so cute & inspirational!

  2. Lots of fun, glad I ran past this post because I see those trays in all shapes and tons of crayons at thrift stores. I am going to try to make some heart ones for valentines! I love the glitter idea!
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