DIY Leaf Ring

I ordered some brass leaves a while ago from Fancifuls, Inc to use to make some earrings. That never panned out. I was messing around the other night with the leaves and decided to make rings instead. It's a fairly simple process that makes a pretty stunning piece of jewelry. So let's get started.

All you will really need is a malleable metal finding or embellishment about 1.5" to 2.5" in width, your fingers, and pliers. My leaf is 2.25" from tip to tip.

Then start to bend both ends inward to curve into a ring shape.

Now take your pliers and slightly bend your ends, taking care not to push too much so that you don't poke it into your finger.

Shape your ring a little more. Try it on and make adjustments as needed. When I'm done I take the ring and roll it on a hard surface so that you smooth out some of the roughness of your handiwork.

Wear to your next outing!

This is what it looks like on the back:

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