A Few Vintage Sheets Items

I've been a tad busy despite the fact that I've been absent. I've planned a few swaps on swap-bot and have had a few orders in the shop. I created a vintage sheet tote swap a little while ago and made a couple of bags for that.

Closeup of roses and ruffles

I met another Lani. She is from Strawberry MilkMade. I love her blog. I met her from the vintage sheet tote swap, and she ordered a couple of items from me. I made her a custom owl camera bag.

I want one now. I'm surprised at how well I came out.

I also volunteered to replace a swap that someone never sent to a girl in one of my swap groups on swap-bot. I think the swap was a rainbow owl softie theme. I'm not really sure. But she said she lacked purple, so that's what I made her.

I actually digitized this little guy months ago and really didn't have anything to user it for. I stitched out on my embroidery machine. It is quite cute.

I also signed up for a handmade stocking swap that had to be filled with craft supplies.



I haven't decided what to fill out with yet but at least the stocking is done.

Lastly, I found a wooden owl bookend at the thrift store this weekend.

It's pretty solid with a flocked base. It's missing an ear, though, but for 50 cents can I really complain about that.....

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