My Owl Barn

For those of you that have yet to visit My Owl Barn, you are missing such an amaxing treat. The author Shivani has tons of owl resources from free printouts to helpful information from everywhere. It's such a wonderful archive of owl awesomeness, and she is such a sweet individual. Shivani is offerring this

on her webiste. The beauty of it is that you can customize your calendar by choosing different months from 45 different artists or you can choose to download a complete calendar without going through all the artists if you cannot decide. It's such a wonderful thing, I tell ya. The calendars are available on her blog for instant download. Just follow the directions for saving.

On another note: Shivani is featuring me on her blog next week!! I'm so excited! She is featuring my owl wallets.

You remember those guys? She thought they were adorable... I'm so glad. That makes me really happy.
Wellim off to customize an owl calendar, guys! Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Loving looking around your blog! I'm from Swap-bot (Krystalskitsch) and am now following both your blog and your pins! :D

  2. Owl purses are beautiful, i will also check "my owl barn", i like owl images:) Your blog is very nice and creative... your swap partner Eren (rainbird00) :)

  3. Hi Alaundra, following you here now too. Who doesn't like owls. So cute. And you have some other scrumptious articles on here too.


    Coleen in Ukraine
    coleenfranks from s-b

  4. Thanks for introducing me to the owl blog, what a cute idea for a blog!
    fibrous from s-b

  5. Ahhh! I love those little owls!!!


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