Thrift Find Lust: Oxfords

I know I've been missing for awhile. My camera has been broken and I had to send it back to get fixed. I just got out back, so I should have some new posts coming soon.

Oxfords are hot this season. I have already bought a taupe pair. When I went to New York this summer, I saw them in every nude shade, floral print, and glitzy glitter metallic. So when I got back home, I ordered a pair.
Well I was in the thrifty store the other day and spotted a pair of vintage tapered square-toe linen and leather oxfords for just $2.99

Yeah I know. Only $2.99!! What a steal! BUT they were an 8, a half size to small. I mean I tried to squeeze into them too. I was saddened. I mean, DEEPLY... But then I remembered yesterday that I had ordered these last week:

I got them from Go Jane. They are leatherette and linen boots. So I guess I shouldn't be sad anymore. But I'm kinda greedy and would have rather had the 20 year old shoes instead (or as well!) Goes to show, fashion does repeat itself.

I'll be posting some things that I've made soon. I've made wool capes for me and my tot, a few vintage sheet totes, some owl accessories and a whole mess of jewelry. I've really been trying to upcycle things like crazy.

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