Welcome to the Jungle

I've really been into leopard print and business apparel lately.  So I combined the two and made a leopard-print pencil skirt.  I say pencil skirt but it's more of a hobble skirt.  It's the first non-stretch pencil skirt I have owned (well at least what I can think of anyway.)

This skirt cost me $3.10. Three bucks for a yard of home dec twill I bought from Hobby Lobby years ago when I was working there and approximately ten cents for the zipper. I believe the zippers were $1.00 for ten; I usually order them in bulk from eBay.

So I drafted up a fairly simple little pencil skirt, but brought it in tighter on my legs just so it could give a better silhouette to me.  If you have never drafted a pencil skirt or don't know where to begin or just scared to take the plunge, try Cotton&CurlsWhat the Craft, or SewPetiteGal.

Ok now for the details!  I did add a small waistband and some tiny belt loops.  It has a back zipper.  There are double darts on each side in the back, totaling for back darts.  I also added a split in the back.  One of my favorite features is The hem in the front rises slightly higher than the back.  While the hem rests at the bottom of my knee in the back, the hem in the front sits right above my kneecaps. It is exactly what I wanted in a pencil skirt (aside from pockets).  I'm rather surprised it turned out this well.

Would you don a leopard print skirt?  Or do you believe that leopard print is not appropriate in such an article of clothing?


Vintage Sheet Laptop Messenger

I was in desperate need of a laptop bag.  The one that I had was the traditional black canvas number that was both ubiquitous and blah (and also long gone because I trashed it.)  So I decided it was high-time to make myself one when I resorted to carrying my computer around in a flimsy totebag from World Market.

So I rounded up some linen that I had, selected a bright and playful vintage sheet and also some vintage strapping trim that I bought, and set to work.  This baby turned out waaaaay better than I had anticipated especially since I didn't necessarily have a direction that I was going in.

It has 3 zippered compartments: the main bag, a tiny zippered pocket in the lining, and the accented outside zippered pocket.  The accent pocket is quilted and padded, while the main body is double padded.  And it is so HUGE.  I have a pretty typical Dell laptop, so I went off of that measurement.  I didn't want the bag to fit snugly though.  The body can hold the laptop,the charger, and probably a couple of books.  The accent pocket can hold a few incidentals as well.  I keep flash drives and other tiny cords in the smaller interior pocket.

To make it fun, I also lined the bag in vintage sheets.  I just love this pansy print.  I have been trying my best not to use it until I had something special in mind for it.  I think this is a good use of the print.  The zippers were some vintage ones that I bought at a thrift store.  I knew they would come in handy one day.  

Another favorite feature of this bag to me is the strap.  I love this natural colored trim with salmon top-stitching   When I found this stuff at the thrift store I snatched up as much as I could help.  I have it in about 3 or 4 colors.  This "webbing" makes such a good strap because it is comfortable and slightly padded.  It doesn't dig in you from carrying around the weight of the laptop.  And it blends in really well.  I'm not sure from what fiber it is made, but it has the weave; texture; and color of  the linen I used.  Plus the stitching matches the print and the zipper.

Can't wait to take this out more!!


Shop update: VS Scrap Bundles

I added a few scrap packs to my shop today.  These bundles have almost 30 pieces of vintage sheet fabric goodness in them.  They come in three colors: blues, yellows, and pink multi.  I will also be adding some fat quarter bundles very soon.  I have already started dividing them up. Go check them out!


Shop update

I added this cute little guy to my shop: create. today.  These are customizable personalized card wallets.  Like the others, they feature quilting and keychain clip with bright contrasting embroidery.

They are available in the fabric colors below (and also the same fabric as the sample).
Go check them out today!!

Autumn, I Believe You Have Arrived!

I managed to get out a shirt Sunday and one Monday. They are some "hybrid" pieces, if you will.  I think they will go well transitioning from warm temperatures to cooler ones.  I pretty much will wear sleeveless get-ups all year round because I love layering with cardigans. So here are three tops that I have made recently.

L to R: Tie-neck peplum, Gathered bodice w/Peter Pan collar, Reverse button-down hi-low

I love each and every one of these tops, let me just say. They will probably get a WHOLE lotta use out of them this season.

The first blouse:  I had this red floral and navy dalmatian print silky fabric that I had purchased from a thrift store sometime ago.  I got about 3 yards for 99 cents.  I didn't realize I had that much until I started making this shirt.  When I laid the fabric out I knew exactly what I wanted it to be.  So I set out to make this sleeveless tie-neck peplum bad-boy.  I love the vintage print, and I think this style further adds to the beauty of this interesting silky fabric.  The interesting thing about the fabric is that although it has a silky texture, it also has some jacquard dots allover it.  That creates some fun texture to the top as a whole.  I really like the vintage/modern look of it all.  I needed more "dressy" blouses (that are also long enough to cover my plumber's crack).  This will look delightful paired with a cardi.

The second blouse:  I don't even remember where I got this fabric from; I think it may have been at an antique mall.  It's like a cotton blend voile that is amazingly airy (and see-through).  I also have yards and yards of this one as well.  I have been hoarding this puppy for ever since I can remember.  At any rate I finally pulled it out of my stash and decided to sew something up.  Well I was in the mood for peter-pan collars, and this is what I came up with.  The fabric is a nice shade of red with tiny little polka dots.  I'm not a red or polka dot fan but I'm getting there.  It has cap-sleeves and a gathered bodice in the front and back with a back zipper for easy on and off.  With the gathers the shirt actually is made like a tent top, but I think it's still very cute.

The third blouse:  I have been wanting a hi-lo blouse, and I finally got myself one.  I.love.this.shirt!!!! AH!  It is made from some rayon challis that I bought from Fashion Fabrics Club.  I didn't realize how grungy this top looked until I wore the button side in the front and belted it.  But who cares that I brought the 90s back. Every other decade has been brought back lately.
So just to let you know it is technically a reversible hi-lo top.  The original correct way to wear it would feature the higher side in the front (which will have a pocket when I add it) and the lower button-down side in the back.  However I was toying around with the shirt and put the button-down side on in front, and I loved the end result when belted.  It almost gave it a bit of a peplum look.  As soon as I can get my hands on more grungy floral rayon, I am going to whip up some of these babies.  Talk about comfy!!!

By the way the turquoise britches (he he) I have on in the pictures above are some cigarette pants that I made from some stretch twill.  I will have a post on them later.  Anyway I hope you guys have been enjoying yourselves some wonderful Autumn weather!  I know that I have.

Have you been working on anything for your fall wardrobe?  I'd love to see!