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I've really been into leopard print and business apparel lately.  So I combined the two and made a leopard-print pencil skirt.  I say pencil skirt but it's more of a hobble skirt.  It's the first non-stretch pencil skirt I have owned (well at least what I can think of anyway.)

This skirt cost me $3.10. Three bucks for a yard of home dec twill I bought from Hobby Lobby years ago when I was working there and approximately ten cents for the zipper. I believe the zippers were $1.00 for ten; I usually order them in bulk from eBay.

So I drafted up a fairly simple little pencil skirt, but brought it in tighter on my legs just so it could give a better silhouette to me.  If you have never drafted a pencil skirt or don't know where to begin or just scared to take the plunge, try Cotton&CurlsWhat the Craft, or SewPetiteGal.

Ok now for the details!  I did add a small waistband and some tiny belt loops.  It has a back zipper.  There are double darts on each side in the back, totaling for back darts.  I also added a split in the back.  One of my favorite features is The hem in the front rises slightly higher than the back.  While the hem rests at the bottom of my knee in the back, the hem in the front sits right above my kneecaps. It is exactly what I wanted in a pencil skirt (aside from pockets).  I'm rather surprised it turned out this well.

Would you don a leopard print skirt?  Or do you believe that leopard print is not appropriate in such an article of clothing?

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