I swear I'm addicted...

I swear I'm addicted...
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...and this is my supplier. Yup, the linens shelf at my fave Salvation Army. I visit here about once a week and its sickening how I daydream of going there when I get free time. I flew home from the doc office today to get dressed for work so I could spend 15 minutes in the store before work lol. Pitiful, I know. All in all I found 2 sheets and a kiwi green pillowcase (this color I am very fond of being that I have a sheet of the same hue). Now I'm happy; I got my fix. :) There is hope, yet, for us addicts.

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one of the wallets I made from vintage sheets

I made a checkbook cover with this vintage print just to show the people I work with and turns out a friend of mine that I work with wanted one with credit card slots in it. And me being the person I am, I went home and whipped it up and brought it to her the next day. She really enjoyed it. We both share a love for owls so I put her an owl button closure..... I like to see satisfied people especially friends.