Obsession...And it's still growing!

It's safe to say that I think I have an obsession with vintage sheets (among other things!). They are the focus of my thrifting every Friday afternoon immediately after work. I've managed to acquire over 70 sheets, and I haven't even managed to count the pillowcases and napkins. Ugh! It's kinda sad, but they are so pretty! and look well coordinated with one another. That's my excuse anyway, lol, what I tell myself to convince me to buy just another. I'm running outta space. I don't have enough space as it is, but I've managed to fill one of my shelving cases two-thirds full with my linen collection. All I can say is, SWAP ANYONE (lol)?!

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  1. Oh I'm so jealous. My collection is peuny compared to yours. But you have a good eye. Can't wait to see more. Maybe someday I will have good stuff to swap.

    Do you actually use them as sheets? Or just for sewing?


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