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I signed myself up for a crafty show about a month ago.  It's next Thursday.  Out of all this time that I had, I decided to start making things last week.  I know; for shame! Well I'm just trying to move along, and I have tons of things to make. Luckily for my embroidery machine, I can whip out tons of little things without much of an issue. I have just been extremely unmotivated about life.  Good thing I keep up with reading my daily devotion or I'd be completely lost. I have managed to pump out some wallets and some infinity scarves however.

I decided to use the assembly line process in cutting my fabrics.  Once I established a rhythm, everything went smoothly.  After cutting all the fabrics and stabilizers, I went through my zipper container and found coordinating zippers for each wallet.  Sewing only took a few minutes after all the organizing had been done. I see why people do it this way; it's overall way better.

I also decided to make myself a new clutch and keychain wallet.  I used some chevron and ikat print duckcloth that I purchased from Hobby Lobby.
I was just trying out something for the clutch.  I must say I like it.  Especially the pleats and the the snap.  It's small yet very roomy.

My daughter had Thanksgiving lunch at school.  I decided to doll myself up and head out. I look like I'm about to cry.  I think I had gotten choked up before taking this picture and my eyes were still teary.

After lunch with my daughter, a friend of mine called me up so we could go thrifting and found this print.  We thought it was beautiful, one of the best optical illusions I have seen in a long while.  I think the caption read "Beauty is Vanity."  But at an alarming $26 there was no way that was coming home with me.

I have been craving a shift dress lately.  I found this vintage printed jersey thrifting a couple of weeks ago so I decided to use it.  The name of the print is "Chevrons" by some designer.  The name escapes me right now.  It has an amazing herringbone print with polka dots floating about throughout it.

I didn't want anything to spectacular, just a little slip-on number.  This satisfied my hunger.  Now all I need is to get some opaque tights to toss on under here.

 This is me with all of my exhaustion.  (I have new neighbors that have only been here about 2 weeks now, and they have succeeded in keeping me away night and day.  They have an infant/toddler that is constantly crying, and they refuse to go to its rescue at anytime during its many bawl fits.)  That noise on top of my strain of getting this craft show stuff done has worn me completely down.

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  1. I just made myself a bag out of that same gray chevron print. I like your yellow and gray combo.



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