Another One: Sewing Plans {Printable}

I really haven't had a heap of time to sit down at my sewing machine lately.  Instead I have been constantly on my computer typing and studying.  So that leaves lots of time to make documents that are sewing-related, right? Right!


So here you go! Another printable to help you stay organized.  (Notice I didn't say help me get or stay organized here...I think you get the picture!)  I know there are people (I am not one of them) who enjoy planning out their next sewing project.  I want to be more of a planner and less of an impulse sewer.  I was inspired by Lula Louise  and her fantastic sewing plans and thought how awesome it would be to incorporate that process into a notebook-type deal.

So here are the deets:
-It's a printable (obviously!) that has a large rectangle for sketching or drawing out your design, if you so choose, or attaching a pattern envelope snippet.  That choice is totally up to you, whatever  you decide to enter into that box.
-It also has a smaller square to attach fabric swatches.  Underneath that box is a notes section for explaining your fabric in detail.
-There is a line for your pattern or design name.  If you are designing something yourself, then you can just write a brief description of your design.
-Secondly you have a "Materials Needed" section.  This can include the fabric yardages and trims.
-Next is the "Embellishments" portions.  You can add trims, buttons, beads, lace, and other components here.
-Lastly is the "Notes" section.  That is totally your baby there.  If you want to include techniques or things you added or changed that is totally up to you.
Download it here.  I hope you enjoy the printable.  Let me know how it works out.
Have a great day!

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