Iron-on Patches + Shop Update

     Do you ever go through spells where you're really into something for a couple of days or couple of weeks and then totally into something else for a span of time?  That's pretty much my life, and I can't determine whether it's from a short attention span or some way to not get burned out on something I love.  Either way it goes, I have been completely in love with making patches and swimwear here lately.
     I think because we are in the thick of, I mean, approaching summertime here all I can think about are fun, bright things and swimsuits...so that's literally all I have been making.  I have actually been working on patches for a long time now, and I decided that I would finally place some in my shop.  Not all of the ones in the photo are available yet for purchase.  I still have some fidgeting to do with them.  But pop on over and take a look.  I will post more on my design process later.

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