More Vera-Inspired Wallets

I told you guys that I would have better pictures coming. Unfortunately it took so long to post. My blogging client on my phone has been malfunctioning due to Picasa, so I haven't been able to get any posts out lately.

Without further delay, I will show some of what I have made so far.

I will have these and others available in the shop soon. I also will have the embroidery file available soon. I have been getting many requests for the embroidery design files that I digitize, so I will start offering up those in the shop too.

I have many things in the works and I cannot wait to get back into the groove of things and show you guys!


  1. Those little wallets are so cute! I really like the black one!

  2. These look great!! I love Vera Bradley stuff but it's just so expensive! You did a great job with these!!

  3. These are great! And look just like them too! :) :) xo Holly

  4. Gorgeous, I love VB and these look like great alternatives and I like the variety of fabric.


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