Vera Bradley-inspired Keychain Wallets

Let me apologize now for the quality (or there lack of) of these photos now.

With that being said, I didn't realize how long it had been since I digitized or even embroidered anything until today. I almost forgot how to digitize. How terrifying!

Anyway, I needed a new keychain wallet because my poor owl wallet had been taken through the ringer and I noticed that I had added a coin purse to my keys, and that was just entirely too much to tote around. I had envisioned this cutesy little quilted deal that would hold cards, coins, and cash and that could clip onto my keys. So I set out to work. After half an hour or so and a couple of attempts I came up with the perfect thing.

I've been whipping these things out left and right today. I've got a few more that aren't pictured.
I decided to go with some fun fabrics with bright patterns to mirror the Vera Bradley look. I added swivel clips to some and small D-rings to others. I just ordered some larger swivel clips, so I think I will be attaching these instead of D-rings in the future.

I made a few of these with this print. I love the fabric so much that I couldn't stop cutting into it. I made one for myself from this fabric.

I have a few more fabrics cut out to make some tomorrow. I think I'm going to head to Hobby Lobby and pick up a couple more prints and really set to work after I do some custom digitizing.

Again sorry for the horrible photos, but I was so excited that I just had to post these. I will take better pics once I locate my camera and whip out a few more.


  1. Those are so cute! You are on a roll over there :)

  2. very cute! Love the fabric and the pattern too! Where did you order the large swivel clips from? Did you make your own pattern?

  3. Love, love, love! Great choice of fabrics and design. Visiting from the party at Mommy by day, Crafter by night.

    Great job!!

    sara @ applestonedrive.blogspot.com

  4. I like the fabrics that you chose. These look very pretty.



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