Embroidery Machine Cheats: Tabs

I don't know about you guys, but I can be a pretty lazy sewist sometimes and forgetful too.
I don't usually like pulling out the iron and ironing board just to press a 2 inch tab to put into a clutch or keychain. To me it's just not worth all that effort.
Well I have a trick that you can use to make quick and easy tabs with your embroidery machine so that you don't have to lug out the ironing equipment and wait for it to heat up.

You will need:
+stabilizer (I used a sticky back)
+scrap of fabric
+coordinating thread

Just a note: I'm using a Brother SE-400. I won't be uploading any designs, simply using one of the pre-loaded frame designs.

Start by loading your hoop with stabilizer. Again I used sticky-back stabilizer so that my fabric wouldn't shift when I attached it to the hoop.

Select an oblong rectangle.

Select a regular stitch. Or for a fun twist you can try out a decorative stitch.

Make the necessary adjustments for your preferred tab: make it smaller or bigger, rotate it, whatever you deem necessary for your project.

Turn your scrap fabric so that the wrong side is facing up. Fold one side towards the middle, then fold the opposite side so that it overlaps the first side.

Place your tab down onto your stabilizer with the overlapping sides faced down. Make sure you trace out your design to make sure the stitches will fit onto the tab. If not, refold your fabric and/or adjust the size of your design.

When everything agrees, stitch out your shape.



To Attach:

Fold the tab in half wrong sides together.

Stitch out the design until near completion. Place the tab fold side inwards along the egde, making sure that the lines of the tab are out farther than the stitching lines of bag. Tape it down.

Place the back over your project and stitch down. Once done, remove from hoop; clip corners; trim edges; and turn right side out.

Et voilĂ ! You have a nice coordinated tab that will match everytime. Gives it a more cohesive look than using ribbon or other tapes.


  1. I have the SE2700 Disney Brother Embroidery. I love mine. I've been wanting to try that design and just haven't yet. Now I will. Thanks

  2. Thanks for sharing! I have the Brother HE 120 and PE700 :)


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