Thrifting 3.19.12

I went to Salvation for the first time in months, and boy am I glad I did! I happened to go when they were having a 50% off linens sale. I rarely get to catch those, and if I do they don't ever have anything worth bringing home. But yesterday I lucked up.
I brought home a total of 4 pillowcases and 6 sheets.

Some of these prints I already have but needed to restock or have a different colorway of the same print.

I love the green pillowcases; they are so bright and crisp. I have a sheet similar to the pink stripes but this pillowcase has never been used. It's still crisp.

I always manage to find green stripes no matter where I am. It's ok, though, because I'm running out of this print. I was glad to find those blue cabbage rose sheets. I love cabbage roses and I love blue. I have this sheet in a peachy color as well.

The sheet on the left has blue roses on it too. I didn't get nearly enough of the print in the shot. I have the sheet in the middle in yellow. It's by a Japanese designer (Hanoi?), I think. Can't remember at this moment. The sheet on the left is brand new too. Still very crisp and very bright! I have come across this sheets before. I wish I could find the pink colorway.

I only spent $3.75. The cashier asked me if I wanted to go back and get more to help them get rid of some of it. Lol. I think I left with plenty enough.


  1. Do you have any photos of things you made with this type fabric from vintage sheets and pillow cases? You sure did luck out.

  2. wow! that's amazing. what a deal! i love everythin you got. wish i lived near your thrift store! :)


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