Thrifting 3.17.12

I didn't get to thrift a lot today unfortunately. I had a lot of running around to do. However I did manage to squeeze in a few minutes at one of my favorite shops. The only thing I found worth bringing home was earrings. I found a few pairs. Actually I found five pairs but got charged for six pairs.

These beauties are my favorite! I can't believe they were just sitting there. Funny thing is I have been seeing similar earrings popping up on youtube and blogland. I'm so glad I snatched these.

These are pretty big screwback earrings. They are vintage Napier.

These are vintage Gay Boyer. I have never heard of this designer, but the designer seems to be pretty big. I like the 3D effect of these dome earrings. I'm thinking about painting them.

I absolutely adore these as well. These are vintage Napier too. I love the knotted texture.

This pair is also Napier. As you can see I love circular earrings. I love the texture of these too.

I am in love with vintage earrings. And these pairs satisfied my appetite. I'm thinking about turning some of them into rings. I'm definitely going to turn the clip-ons into studs. Going to go clean them now!

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