Custom Skirt Order

This wonderful lady came to me earlier this week saying how she really liked the girl skirts that I offered in my shop and wondered if I could make her one.
Over much corresponding between us, I finally got a good idea of what she wanted.

So I came up with this skirt. She wanted a 1950s floral print with a ruffle.

It came together fairly easy. The most time consuming thing was the ruffle. I am not a big fan of making ruffles, however I do like them. Good thing they make gathing feet and rufflers.

I hope she likes it!


  1. Looks very light and airy for spring/summer. I know she will enjoy wearing it!

  2. Your customer should be thrilled with this sweet little skirt. It's adorable. I'm with you, though. I love the look, but they're not my favorite to make.


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