Floral Blossoms Blazer

As I mentioned be for in this sneak peak, I made myself a blazer. I drafted up a quick little pattern from a basic bodice pattern I had created awhile ago. I used a corduroy dress that I had purchased for 50 cents from a thrift store. I had originally intended on making a pair of shorts with the dress fabric but decided against that because I wouldn't wear a pair of corduroy shorts. Then I actually tossed the dress into my donate pile and left it there. But before I took off my donate stuff, I rescued the dress again and reasoned that fall was coming and it would be nice to have a light blazer to wear.

From This...

...To This!

I made it with a sort of asymmetrical hem with the front being longer than the back. I added princess seams in the front and a split in the back to go over my derriere. I'm debating a closure, however. I think I am going to do a single button closure, but I'm actually okay with it not having a closure just yet. I also did a three-quarter sleeve because it doesn't really get super chilly here in the fall. Besides I have plenty of long sleeve cardys and jackets. 

I am totally in love with this print. That was the main reason I picked up this tacky dress. One other reason being that it was only $0.50. I figured I could mess up a half dollar piece of clothing and not feel bad about it.

I barely had enough fabric to make this work after I ripped open the many seams that made up the original British dress. So I had to use the original sleeves and just widen them with strips of the fabric (which worked out marvelously because I didn't feel like gathering puff sleeves.) I also didn't line it, which I may should have done at least for the lapel pieces. I think I can get away with it though.

That red mini polka dot blouse that I am wearing I also made. But there will be a post about that later as well. I cannot wait to wear this baby out. I have so many things that I want to pair it with, including some things that I still have to make.

Speaking of things that I still have to make: my goal is to make as many clothes as possible for myself this fall. For one I want to save money, secondly retail clothes sometimes ill-fit me, thirdly I need to deplete some of my fabric stash, and lastly I want to push myself harder in my designing, drafting, and sewing.

What have you been working on lately?
Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend!!

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