Simple Tablet Sleeve

First off I want to say I miss you all.  I feel like I have been a bad friend.  I can call you guys friends, right?  I feel like we are all friends at any rate.  I have been neglecting my poor little blog for no reason whatsoever really.  I have been volunteering at this Christian pro-life women's clinic for some time now, and Kelsey is in kindergarten.  So these events have kept me occupied.  With that being said let's jump right into this.

I purchased a tablet a few days ago.  I purchased a 7" Nextbook tablet. So far I am thoroughly pleased with it.  It came with this horrible black velveteen bag that collects all the dust in the world and is just overall ugly. I knew I wanted to make a simple sleeve for it to fit into.  I wasn't sure what style I wanted to make.  I was thinking about an envelope clutch but decided against it.

So this bad boy ended up costing me less than $2 in supplies.  I purchased some vinyl fabric sheets from Hobby Lobby for $ 1.47 a sheet and some felt sheets for $0.25 a piece. I only needed one of each.  The sheets were bigger than I thought they were.

I settled on the giraffe print textured sheet.  It's not so bad looking after all.  I was mostly just using it to test it out, but I actually like the end result.  I may try some other vinyls or leathers later, but for now it will work.

I did purchase some scrap leather, acrylic paints, and studs for a more designer cover.  Once I figure on a design for the leather, I will post the results.

What have you been creating lately?  I would love for you to share! I hope you all have a great day!!!

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