Oh My! Where Have I Been?

     I have truly missed you guys something awful! I hadn't realized that it has been months since I've sat down and blogged. But I suppose it has. I didn't mean to go this long; honestly I didn't.  I have been busy with volunteering, kindergarten, custom orders, and trying to get myself back into school.  If you follow me on Instagram, then you have seen the custom orders and things that I have been making my way around. Not even including the barrage of emails I've encountered.  But enough of this stuff! How have you been my darlings?!?  I hope great.

     I've been working on phone clutches lately, and I'm really into them actually.  I've had requests for monogrammed clutches.  To tell you the truth, I didn't even think about it until a client of mine asked for it.  So those options will be in the shop shortly.  Here are some for example.

     A couple of weeks ago I made a fabric purchase from Fabric Shack.  I very rarely purchase designer fabrics online.  I'm not sure why.  I think it's because I'm a very tactile, visual person.  I generally have to have things in my hand and see the true color of it to get my gears turning.  Well, I decided to check on the website anyway in their sale-a-bration section and found some really darling fabrics for a really good price and not to mention the half price shipping they offer!

     I ended up with a bunch of new fabrics that I am in love with.  One of the perks I'm noticing about shopping online for fabric is not only the vast variety (er, duh!) but the availability of stock and the prices are much cheaper than my local quilt shop.  Because I live in a sort of small city, it takes awhile for trends to catch on out our shop; and when they finally do come in they tend to be very expensive there.  Also it's hard to get a plethora of variety at our Singer shop, and I'm not the one to make special orders or requests for fabric.  I definitely will be purchasing more designer fabrics online from here on out, especially from Fabric Shack.  That bundle only cost me $3 to ship.

     I was in dire need of updated business/contact cards for my public outings and such.  Besides that, my tastes have changed.  So I sat down and created these fun, little jobs and printed them at home.  I used some kraft cardstock that I had purchased at Hobby Lobby.  I really like the look of anything natural like kraft paper and natural linen.  I paired it with social media icons in Pantone's color of the year Emerald (which also is my birthstone. Today is my birthday. Yay!); I think natural colors and blues work so well together.  That combination always makes me happy!


     I have more to show and tell but I have some photo editing to do before I can post.  And let me send my deepest apologies for these horrible phone photos (the pictures are from Instagram) and being gone for so long.  I promise to try to be back soon, mmkay?!

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