Strawberry Lemon Pops

I posted yesterday about Strawberry Mango Lemonade.  Today I'm bringing you another little summer treat idea.  I recently made some fruit pops because I saw some freeze pop molds at the dollar store and figured I could give it a try for only $1.  It's not like I wouldn't be getting any great use out of it.  We have hot summers here.

So I took to my trusty food processor (because my trusty blender isn't so trusty anymore now that it went ka-put).  I used my combination of strawberries and lemons again.

I chopped up a handful of strawberries, added some freshly squeezed lemon juice (one lemon is enough), and added a little water and honey all to my food processor.  I blended it all until it was pureed smoothly.  I then poured this mixture into my freeze pop mold, placed in the sticks, and froze them for hours.

These things are soooooo good!  All natural and super easy to make.  I think I will try adding fruit juice the next time I make fruit pops.  I'm definitely going to see how many different types of pops I can come up with before the end of summer!

This kiddie likes and so does her mama!!!  She couldn't wait to get out of school to have one.  I finally let her enjoy one, and she was so excited.

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  1. Such a little cutie. They sound really good and healthy. I'll have to try some.


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