Friday Evening Pop-up Shop

**Just a little note: My computer has been on the fritz lately.  I have had the next few posts in the draft section for a while, as I am just now being to get it to cooperate. Thanks in advance for your understanding!**

A friend of mine usually tells me about these little pop-up markets that we have downtown at one of the strips of boutiques.  Last Friday night they decided to sort of randomly host one.  It's held in front of a tattoo parlor, bead/jewelry shop, upscale restaurant,  used bookstore/coffee shop, and recording studio.  It's the one part of town that is geared towards the more artsy community.

It was a perfect day for having the market.  It didn't rain despite the rain chances we had.  Nor was it deathly hot.  The pop-up shop ran from 3 until 7. Great timing!   There was just enough time to finish making more items, pick up Kelsey from school, and go home to finish preparing.  We had gotten there about a half hour after it  started.

I whipped up a bunch of phone clutches and coin purses.  I brought some wallets, card wallets, and card holders.  I don't care how long you prepare for a craft show you will always feel like you aren't ready.


 I made myself a little bunting banner as well for a bit of signage.  I made the mini buntings out of vintage sheets, and I embroidered "create." on each pennant.  I made the pennants with my embroidery machine as well and stitched them together with some vintage twill tape.  I really like the effect of it.

My wee helper

 They also had some nice entertainment.  There was this gentleman who was a one-man band that did some nice covers for some oldies.  He played the guitar and harmonica extremely well.  That is one thing I do like about Auburn; when they have events, they commission local musicians.  The musicians tend to be very folksy or soulful, just the music I like!!

I also nabbed a snapshot of this incredible string of lights that were overhead.  I thought they complemented the sky well, and it was such an earthy, organic feeling.  I always love to look at this string of beauties when I'm down at this little strip.

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