Vintage Sheet Bunting (I Finally Jumped on the Bandwagon!)

As I mentioned in a previous post, I created a vintage sheet bunting banner for a quick little craft show I was participating in one afternoon.  I took some semi-decent photos of my little sign.

I used scraps of vintage sheets, alternating in pink and blue scheme, and some vintage twill tape.  The twill tape I found at an antique mall on a spool with hundreds and hundreds of yards on it. I ended up making the bunting with my embroidery machine because I was pressed for time.  I layered felt and vintage fabric, embroidered the shape, monogrammed my lettering, cut them out, and strung them together with the tape.  Such a cute little thing to make.  It was very personal and intimate to have it hanging at my table.  I'm building some new storage in my apartment for vintage sheets, and I'm thinking about hanging it from the shelving to make it feel more welcome.  Or maybe right about my sewing machine.  I'm still not quite sure yet.

I wish that I had chosen a better choice of thread to use for the letters.  By the way the banner spells "create." for the blog (of course!)  I thought since the fabrics had the mutual color of kiwi green in them that the green I chose would have been perfect.  The green ended up being to washed out and hardly noticeable.  It kind of bummed me out a little.  Next time I will have to make better contrasting decisions.

Either way it goes, I'm fairly happy with the result.  I thought about offering mini vintage sheet buntings in the shop with different sayings.  Hmm, still toying with that idea....

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