{Tutorial} : Simple Cardstock Mailer

I typically make my own mailers for when I ship packages to my customers.  I like making them myself because 1) they are inexpensive, 2)they are totally customizable, and 3) they are always readily available.  I whipped up a little tutorial to demonstrate my process.

Let's go!

Gather your materials. You will need:
  • a piece of cardstock - 8.5" x 11" is fine
  • adhesive runner or double-sided tape
  • scissors, craft knife or rotary cutter
  • washi tape or decorative tape, optional
  • paper cutter with scorer blade, optional
A little note about the paper I used: to get fully customizable prints, just run your paper through your copier.  I scanned a piece of a vintage sheet and ran a piece of kraft paper cardstock through the copier to get the printed paper that I have.  It works well with other papers, fabrics, or a collection of found objects.  This is especially useful if you can't find the particular paper you are looking for.

Lay your paper horizontally.  If you have a printed side, make sure you lay it face down.  I only placed mine printed side up to show you the orientation.

Fold over your edges to the middle.  These do not have to be equal thirds.  You just need to overlap the edges half an inch to an inch.  Like so:
You can have your seam meet exactly in the middle if you like.  That is totally your preference.

Open your paper back up.

This step you can either do by hand or with your paper scorer.  Along the horizontal edges, crease them about half an inch.  This will create your top and bottom flaps for closure.
You should now have something like this:

Now cut off the top and bottom right and left flaps.  This should leave you with center tabs at the top and bottom.  Angle the edges or round them if you like.

Fold over the left side and run glue or tape down the edge.  Keeping the right side extended with the wrong side facing up, run adhesive down that edge.  Then bring over the right side and press the edges together.

Run glue across the bottom flap and press into the mailer's body, covering the seam.  You can add washi tape across the bottom for a decorative appeal.  Now you can embellish and adorn it with stamps, tapes, stickers, whatever your hear desires!  Just fill it, address it, seal it with some tape, and stamp it!

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