So this is my beautiful view from my room: a span of mountains. AND it looks like that's going to be the only thing that I get to see aside from the river of slot machines downstairs in the lobby. I came to see my cousin's wedding ceremony and hopefully not be stuck in a room (which I knew was a slim chance I wouldn't be going out). And I'm going to apologize now for my whining because I'm about to do a lot of it!! First and for most, I hate going anywhere with my G-ma (grandma); but since she raised my cousin, I understand why she came with us. I don't know if anyone else's grandma is like mine at all but this woman gets under my skin totally! It's like everything I do for my daughter she has to try and do it better when we are in public but she is never around any other time. And I finally exploded when we got into town and went off on her in front of the family. I know it waasnt right, but at that moment it needed to be said and I needed it off my chest. Not only is she agitating my mood but because I'm not old enough to rent a vehicle without incurring ridiculous charges I have to pushed into doing whatever my mom, her husband, and grandma want to regardless of what input I try to toss in. I'm stuck here with four days of this and it's only day number two. I'm praying for patience but I don't think it's working. I need the serenity prayer BADLY or someone will be hurt. So hopefully things will get better, but I don't foresee that happening with all of the procrastinators and time-killers I have arrived with. I'm sorry guys; I'll try to post something cheery very soon. Just stick with me....please.


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