Take time out to appreciate things and love one another.

About 2 hrs ago I was sitting in my computer class typing a document (and looking at blogs and swaps), waiting for my teacher to arrive. Then another teacher burst into the room and stuttered that he needed to lock the door because we were on lockdown. Bless his heart! He wasn't trying to scare us, but he barely got out the words 'There's been a shooting' before dazed looks and mumbles started. He kept repeating it trying to be calm and to make it sound more comforting each time he said it. One woman was shot and killed, one woman was shot and airlifted to another state, another lady was shot, and a poor toddler was hit by shattered glass. All this happened yards away on my campus while I was in class completely oblivious. This made me think seriously and maturely: that could have been me or anyone! All this happened over a domestic violence incident, not even school related. Don't take things for granted, people. It terrifies me that I may not have been able to see my daughter today. I say all that to say this: love your fellow neighbors, peers, associates, what have you; be appreciative for the things you have today because they could easily not be there tomorrow. I thank God that I decided not to go to the building I had planned on before class because who knows? that could have been me out there. Thank you all for your support and be blessed!!


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  1. wow. Thank goodness you are okay. It is so true... every little choice we make matters and how we treat people matters.

    (eveyinorbit via swapbot)


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