Today's treasure

I know, I know. My blogs have been kinda boring lately and also very sporadic. I promise things will get better soon. I have tons of things that I need to post and many vacation photos that need to be put up. Anywho... I did find a little bit of joy today after I left class. I went to my fave Salvation Army and hit the jackpot!!. I usually can't find decent owl figurines that are really worth buying; and if I do find one that I like, it's usually missing her head :(. But I did find this wonderful bank today with feet in tact. I'm so happy!! I'm going to clean it and paint it a bright hue and let it collect dust. Ha! I also found some beautiful linens and fabrics and the best part about them is they were half priced and I didn't realize it till I was paying. The sheets were fifty cents and the pillowcases were a quarter. Ah, BLISS!! Anyway. I found some stripes I've been dying to get my hands on, and I also got some cool pillowcases. Well actually one pillowcase was new to me; the other is a pattern I already own. Furthermore, the kicker is that the 2 daisy sheets (underneath the owl bank) were a dollar together, and I had just seen the same sheets in Vegas for 3 bucks a piece at Savers. I'm so glad I didn't purchase them!!  I also found some great teal polka dots. I'm sure I can find a great use for it and I WILL!! Total spent, $5.


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  1. Thanks so much for the lovely pillowcases and buttons. Can't wait to use them. I would love to swap sometimes. thanks


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