Surprise for my baby girl

I don't utilize the embroidery unit of my sewing machine nearly enough in my opinion. However when I do use it, I love to make in-the-hoop items. (namely because I really don't have to measure or sew anything and because the items come out so very cute!) In-the-hoop items are designs that the embroidery machine makes mostly or completely in the hoop of the machine. Anyway I found this cute matryoshka doll design on sewforum.com, but it was too large for my machine so I shrunk it down in Wilcom and sent it to my machine. I wanted something cutesy for my lil' girl; and since I haven't ventured into doll making quite yet, I figured this was a nice option. It's made with a very bright vintage chintz and craft felt. It's pocket-sized for when we take trips to the store she can have something to take along. She is visiting her dad so when she returns hopefully she'll be wowwed by it. I think I'm going to make many more for my etsy shop. They are so cute to watch stitch out and they don't really take a long time. I only had to stuff it and sew it up by hand. That's simple enough, right? Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! :)


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