DIY thread rack

This is perhaps the easiest wood project I've ever made. I could definitely make more of these. I got the idea from Martha Stewart's Good Things For Organizing. But there was NO way that I was going to get all of that stuff that it required. I mean I already have 2 spool racks and a spool box. I just wanted something simple and easily accessible. Then I got the idea to just drill the holes at an angle. Duh! That was simple enough to do. The whole project cost about 2 bucks and houses 19 spools of thread. All I needed to get was the board and a dowel. I already had white paint, a sander, a drill, and glue. And it was so QUICK to make (well, after I stopped procrastinating and just did it!). I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome. 



  1. Great idea, I use one for holding my necklaces :D and rings

  2. That's a good idea, Renee! I just may have to make another for my ever growing jewelry collection!


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