My favorite skirt right now

One late night, some weeks ago, I decided to conjour up a skirt. It had been quite some time since I made an article of clothing. I gathered my favorite sheet: the one i used for my makeup bag seen here. I decided on this one because of the ridiculously soft texture that it has and also because of the beautiful salmons and corals and yellows in the roses on it. So I started on it at about 10 or 11 at night. I was extremely sleepy, but my fingers wanted to sew. BIG MISTAKE! I sewed everything together backwards, the pockets and the skirt pieces. It was terrible. But at the same time, it was a little comic relief. In my defense, the right side and wrong side look exactly alike; and to tired eyes it almost didn't make a difference until the pockets didn't line up. I went to bed and got up early the next day and finished my skirt.


  1. you look GREAT in the skirt :)

  2. Ar'nt you great to finish it I would have thrown it there out of frustration!!blackbird 4 s b (www.patriciasfabricart.blogspot.com)


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