Kindle cozy

My mom gave me a Kindle a couple of weeks ago and I'm so on love with it. Well since I try to take it everywhere, I needed something to protect it from the elements. (I bang up things A LOT!) So I decided to make a cozy for it. I actually made two. I'm working on a tutorial to share. It should be posted shortly. Anyway, I have the smaller one, that's about 5" x 7.5".
Herein the first on that I threw together.

It's made from linen and lined with a vintage sheet. I digitized the embroidery on the front and stitched it out in coordinating colors. I love how bright the design looks against the natural linen.

Here is the second on that I made last night with a different vintage fabric.

I like the colors of this one. I thinks the batting I used has way too much loft for my taste though. But it really isn't that bad.

I'll be posting a tutorial for this soon for those of you who would like to make one.


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