WIPs and swap items

I've been trying to stay busy at home on my machine after work. It's quite odd that I even want to see the sight of a sewing machine after having to embroider numbers on over 1500 shirts. Its a wonder I'm not a babbling idiot foaming out the mouth from dealing with that headache.

But I can't stop my creative juices nor do I have the inclination to do so. Like I've said before, I've been on this vinyl kick and I'm loving it! I went and purchased new colors (as if I even needed it!) I'm glad that it's orderable from the small fabric shop we have in town, and they carry great colors. I think they even carry glitter vinyl. Anywho.. I had some teal laying around and made this:

I added a magnetic snap as a closure. Its really spacy, a little too big. But I think I could work.

I have so many ideas for vinyl clutches rushing my brain that it's insane.

I also participated in some swaps over at swap-bot.com I forget the names but they are sewing related. (Naturally!) The first one was a group swap for sewing supplies. Since my partner and I are so much alike, I sent a bunch of vintage fabric, vintage buttons, and zippers. My partner also knits. So I made her a little bag to stick some of her knitting needles or yarn inside of it and her fave needles or the ones she's working with in the pockets on the outside.

I hope she'll like it.

The next swap was a "Sew What" swap, where we had to create something extra special for our partner. Since my partner had just had her first baby girl amidst boys, I made a reversible, folded travelling changing pad (What a mouthful!!) and a travel diaper/wipes cozy. I loved making these. Wish I had've made a set for my own child. The only thing I wish I. Had added was some machine embroidery.

The changing pad also fits perfectly into the little cozy.

Thanks for stopping by!!

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