My new wallet

I've made many checkbook covers and credit card wallets and coin purses before but never thought to put them all together (namely because I usually only use my debit card that stays on my keys and I only use checks about twice a month). So I decided to combine them all and make one real wallet because I have two debit card, of which I only use one, and I need a place to house the other cards that I rarely utilize. Not only that but about once every two months, I will possess cash and therefore I need a spot for the loose change I tend to accumulate. I found some new fabric at Hobby Lobby the other day while I was lurking around and dint quite know what I would do with it. While I was embroidering some coin purses last night, I came across the brilliant idea to use the new fabric I had bought and make this new design of wallet. So lemme stop blabbering and show you all.

It has a chartreuse zipper, vintage button,zippered pocket, and quilting on the outside. I love chartreuse and am so glad that I can finally use those buttons and zippers in something. I really love it.

I also made a couple of coin purses with my embroidery machine before I got to tired yesterday. I enjoy making those little things. It's a great way to use up my scraps, and I don't have to do much sewing because the embroidery machine does all of it. They are always useful!



  1. OHOH I LOVE it
    how much for a zebra one?

  2. Email me and will discuss a price.

  3. Oh gorgeous wallet, love it!


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