Simplicity 9012: Vintage Sheet Button-down

I am not big on patterns, never really have been. But I do love to bring home vintage patterns from thrift stores that have simple classic lines. Awhile back I picked up a child's button-down and paperbag skirt pattern.

Simplicity 9012
When I first purchased it, I thought it was a dress. I got really excited about that. After thoroughly looking it over I noticed that it was a button-down shirt and a paperbag skirt. Still very cute. I had forgotten that I had it until I was unpacking some boxes the other day and came across it. It has been some time since I have made anything for my daughter, so I decided to go with this.





I used an assortment of vintage glass buttons on the placket; I figured I may as well use some and not hoard them all. Instead of attaching the sleeves like the pattern called for, I bound the armholes. It's about to be summer after all and can't have her melting out in the sun.

The directions were sort of redundant and over-explanatory on some steps; that is part of the reason I am not too fond of patterns. It came together fairly easily and quickly once I got all of the minor detailing out of the way.

Since the pattern is a size 6 and she is in between a 4 and 5, it is a tad big. I think the next time I make this without sleeves I will adjust the armholes. This looks a bit more cap-sleeve than sleeveless.

Overall I am pleased and honestly am looking for a similar pattern for myself. I have grown very fond of button-down shirts lately and would love to add a vintage floral  pattern to my collection.

I also spent some of yesterday morning turning an amass of clean, tangled vintage sheets and pillowcases into a nice neat folded stack.
Turning this...
...into this.
Now I have a fresh pile of wonderful smelling vintage sheets waiting to be cut up.


  1. I love the adorable top. It's a lot cuter than the pattern picture. Love your sheets

  2. Your little girl looks adorable in the top! I'm so jealous of all those vintage sheets, they are gorgeous. I never seem to be able to find anything near that nice!

  3. It turned out really cute! Great sheet to use for it.


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