Thrifting 5.14.12

It seems I had the case of the blues Monday when I went to the thrift store. I managed to bring home 2 blue sheets, 1 blue pillowcase and a yellow sheet.

This was the pillowcase that I found.

I really like this sheet. It has wonderful yellows and mustards in it. I actually have this sheet in a different colorway. The one that I have already has yellow, red, and blue flowers in it.

This is another sheet that I have duplicates of in other colorways. I have this sheet in pink and yellow. I find the pink and yellow sheets like all the time. I have also found one blue pillowcase in this print.

This is one of my favorite sheets. I am so glad that I found another one because I was getting low on the one that I had.

I also got a few things last week that I have yet to share.
I found one pillowcase and 2 sheets.

This pillowcase print I have in a blue sheet and orange sheet.

I absolutely love this sheet!!!! The border is just gorgeous. I think that I have a blue sheet in this print.

I love this yellow stripe. It has a few blemishes, but I think I can work around it though.

That is all that I have found recently. What have you found lately?

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  1. The thrift store always makes me happy! I spent an hour and half at mine today :)


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