Vintage Sheet Quilt Top

I am no quilter. I love and appreciate the art form; but I do not feel overly compelled to create many quilts. I will incorporate some patchwork into my items, but I am intimidated by placing patchwork on top of batting and quilting and even more intimidated by binding things.

I do sometimes wish I could whip out these incredible masterpieces that I see all over blogland and wish that I could do it in a matter of a day as some people can. That's not my style.

I did, however, manage to get out one quilt top (and it has been a quilt top for a looooong time) from vintage sheets. I really wish I had the confidence to quilt it.

I didn't go with any particular pattern; I just went with long, skinny strips because I have always liked the way that looks and I figured I could't botch that up too much. I don't think me and squares would get along too well.

Even though it isn't a true quilt, I still sleep underneath it. It feels divine. All of those pre-loved, worn-soft vintage goodness pieces are so soft, perfect for warmer evenings.

Right now I'm using as a "sheet," but I'll either swallow my fear of quilting or turn it into a duvet cover. I'm banking on the latter...

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