This Mint Dress

Awhile back I purchased some wonderful striped mint knit from a new thrift store we had opening up. It was a great color and a great price. Even though I didn't necessarily have an exact plan for it at the time, I knew that it had to come home with me. I thought about a cardigan, but I just couldn't stay committed to that idea for long. Then one day it hit me: make a dress. So one afternoon I set out to make a nice little shift to dress up in and make fancy. I must warn you: on the hanger it doesn't have much appeal, but once a body is in it it looks pretty decent.
Action shot

So I decided to go with a bodycon style that had some large inverted pleats on the bodice and skirt portions just to add a bit of interest. It is a very wide bateau neck dress which sometimes has an off the shoulder effect. It has Dolman sleeves and a kind of weird waistband. (I'm not really sure why I drafted a waistband into it. I think I was only going to make a skirt at first and changed my mind.)

Neckline ribbing

Inverted pleats and waistband


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