Why Haven't I Used This Sooner?

Behold my Binding Foot!!!

It's a weird looking piece of equipment I know. I must show you how this works someday. It is a serious time-saver and headache-reducer.

It attaches binding of all sorts, from single-fold and double-fold to unfolded, unpressed binding up to 15/16 of an inch wide to anything. And it does it perfectly! I have been having a slight little issue in curves, but I think that is due to operator-error. It has been a true Godsend when it comes to making little girls clothing and dealing with teeny binding that's only a quarter-inch wide.

Once I figure out how to take a decent video I will have to post it so you can know how it works should you ever find one of these beauts!

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  1. I have always wanted to use one of these, but I haven't came across one yet. I would love to see it in action when you get some time. Thanks for sharing this awesome piece of information with us!


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