Open-Back Girl's Shirt

You may not know this, but I'm not a fan of strapless and much less a fan of halter tops especially for my little girl.  I did, however, want to make a top (or dress) that was in some way crafted with her back out so that she wouldn't get so hot in the summer.  I took some inspiration from the open-back dresses that have been popping up EVERYWHERE and crafted this little open-back number for her.

I used a basic A-line pattern that I had whipped up for her and just adjusted it (no pun intended) to the style that I wanted.  The front is a basic A-line with a Peter Pan collar added to it. 

 The back is where all the magic happens.  It has a vintage button closure with an elasticized waist and flares out.  It has a curved triangle "cut out" portion that allows a breeze to blow up her back in case she becomes overheated.

I lined it with a lime and ivory polka dot cotton and used some vintage avocado hem facing to hem the bottom of the shirt.

I also used some vintage bias tape and vintage piping.  Here's a funny thing about the piping that I used: it was so old that the package stated that the color was white; but when I opened it to use it, the piping was a shade darker than the cream colored fabric that I was using.  At least it was in the same color family.

Speaking of vintage trims...Does anyone have a hard time ripping open a package of "new" vintage tape?  It just about hurts my feelings every time I have open that cellophane package.  But then again if I didn't buy it to use it, what did I buy it for, right?

She gave my just enough cooperation to get the pictures done.  When we first started, I was able to get one picture before my camera died.  After getting it charged, she said, "We only need one more picture, right?"  Poor thing wanted to get back to enjoying her bike riding.  Who could blame her with an evening as beautiful and mild as tonight's?  So I snapped as few decent pictures as I could get after threatening that I would find another adorable model to make clothes for and take pictures of and let her hop back to her bicycle.

I was gifted this wonderful toothless silly face for her troubles.  Don't you just love silly toothless faces?!  I know I do!

What did you stitch this week/weekend?  I'd love to see!


  1. This is such a cute top! Great photos too! Thanks for linking up!

  2. What a cute shirt! I'm grown and I'd totally wear it! You've got a cutie pie little girl, too!

  3. I love your website!! Its soooo cute..I love the top!! I am so glad I found it... If you would like to check out my blog too, I would LOVE it.. I am new to the blogging... So if you have any tips you should let me know... I am your newest follower :) I would love it if you followed me back... I'm going to be doing a HUGE fun giveaway soon if your a follower on Facebook or Instagram :)


  4. Oh my gosh, SO pretty. I kind of want this exact blouse for myself. What fabric is that?

    I'd love to see this over at Kollabora, the crafting and DIY community. I'm trying to spread the news that kids' clothes can be cool (in the idiomatic sense as well as the literal one) too!


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