Where Was All This Energy for KCWC?

I have been on a sewing and creating roll here this week!  I've made or done something creative nearly everyday this week.  I've been working on lots of things for my daughter; and though some things are finished, there are still some wips left to knock out.  I updated my blog a bit.  I hope you all like the way it looks now.  I feel it is a tad fresher and represents me more.

Well today I have for you two articles of clothing: one being a pencil skirt and the other being a cardigan.  Let's start with the skirt.( I must warn you; there are a ton of photos.)

I've been meaning to make Kels a sailor-inspired pencil skirt for quite some time.  I had this navy stripe jersey fabric that I had thrifted a while ago.  (I have actually used it before and was going to do a tutorial with the fabric but it's just honestly a horrible fabric.  It doesn't stretch a whole lot because the navy is printed onto the fabric as opposed to woven in, and the ink restricts the natural stretch of the knit.)  Well I didn't want to throw it away because of my fiasco with the fabric, so I thought it had just enough stretch for her tiny self.

I simply sketched out a skirt pattern to her measurements and tapered inward at the bottom.  Then I made a shaped waistband.  I really wanted to make this cute waistband for her.  I thought it would look really cute on a child, especially paired with a buttondown white shirt.  I added elastic in the back of the waistband, so it would fit her.

My belt--wrapped around her twice

I meant to add belt loops to the skirt, but it slipped my mind to do so.  I think it works out fine, though.  It looks good either way to me.  I added some contrasting detail with the front of the waistband by turning the stripe sideways.  (Don't worry that was completely intentional, lol!)  I'm so surprised it turned out so well.  I think she looks so grown up (tear...)

I also made an open cardigan.  It's based off of CINO's Slouchy Cardy Tute.  I looked out how she altered her pattern and took it from there.  I love how she made hers open without the need for ties and buttons.  I figured that was perfect for Little Miss because she is very hot-natured but occasionally does get cool.  The fabric is a floral interlock from Jo-Ann fabrics.  I trimmed it in a light pink interlock.  I had bought these (among other things) in a shopping trip we went on Monday, in which I spent a ridiculous amount of money (even though it was all 50% off.)  The interlock is a little thicker than I would have liked; but since there was no jersey knit available, I snatched up this.

The heart was totally her idea!

I love how sweet the little roses are on the fabric.  Ordinarily I wouldn't dress her in brown for fear it'll wash her out, but this being, trimmed in pink and sporting a print, will suffice nicely.  I love it with the belt; it's so sophisticated for her.

She doesn't allow me much time or patience to snap these photos, so I have to get in as many as I possibly can before she grabs her bike or scooter and speed off.  As she pushes off she shouts, "I look like a teacher!"  Well she's the cutest little 5 year old teacher I've ever come across!

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  1. Your little one reminds me of my little one. So cute! I stumbled upon your blog and so glad I did. Your work is beautiful! Keep it up girly!


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