A Happy Thing

Today's thrift store loot by lani5287
Today's thrift store loot a photo by lani5287 on Flickr.
I'll admit that I've been pretty depressed and anxious lately due to a bad breakup, and amidst this whole situation I have had no creative whimsy at all. Sewing is therapeutic, they say. I agree, but there is a part of depression that makes it hard to get to that point. Anyway enough with the sob story. I recently forced myself to create 3 new pieces (as I am readying to open my shop) and I shall post those pieces here shortly. And I forced myself to take pictures of them. And I also forced myself to go to my fave Salvation Army stores today, despite the fact that my tummy is in terrible knots. Well I'm glad that I went. At one store I found 4 sheets and 4 pillowcases for 5 bucks. And at the second store I found the pillowcase with the bright red flowers for a quarter. ( I already own one, but the former is not as bright and pretty!) Well as I was purchasing that pillowcase, the lady that works there recognized me after not seeing my for months and immediately asked me when I was going to bring her in a wallet. I was a tad caught off guard, and then she started telling everyone in the store how good I was. Then everyone asked for pictures. I was very elated and it has eased my mood up a bit. So she put in an order for a checkbook cover and a tote bag after she saw the pictures. Aaahhh, bliss!!


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