Items that are ready to go in the shop: 
Book tote, approximately 17.5"x14" not including handles
Double pocket crossbody bag, approximately 6"x7.5" with 5 foot strap
Ruched-front checkbook cover, approximately 8"x8.5" and elastic band closure
I apologize for the approximations, but those are the general sizes that I cut them for. The sizes may vary a slight bit due to embellishments and such.
Anywho I just wanted to show you guys what I have been working on and hope you like!



  1. Hello! I am your newest follower! Saw your post on sewforum! This bag is adorable! Love the fabrics! Would love for you to follow me as well!


    Look forward to seeing more of your creations! =)

  2. Hi Lani. I have finally had time to stop by your blog, I love it so inspiring, the colors you use are so beautiful. I am currently painting but hope to start making jewelry and other things soon. Keep up the good work. I will pop in again soon to say hello and leave a hug. . check out my blog if you have to secs to spare and follow if you like will be doing give away soon but must be member so..........

    Tight hugs


  3. Hi Lani, am here through SB- Blog Friends Swap.
    You got an interesting blog, love the colored fabrics you use and love what you make too!! I so envy people who can sew...i too can, but nothing artistic, just the basic. I shall learn sometime.
    Wish you joy!


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