Vintage sheet scraps for craftster member

One day last week I was browsing through Craftster's Reusing/Recycling/Recrafting forum and noticed a post about fabric scraps from LexIsSoGrody. 
She was wondering if anyone had some fabric scraps that they could donate, and the first thought that popped into my head was that I had more than enough vintage sheets and I needed to cut down on them. So I shot her a pm and asked her what type and size she was looking for. She gave me a basic size to work with. So when I got home I started pulling out sheets and cutting and tearing and even found some scraps that I already had. And thus I created this stack for her: 12 scraps of 11 different prints of vintage chintz and vintage sheets ranging in different sizes and colors. I hope she likes it!! I enjoyed stacking them.


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  1. they seem to be of a great quality :)



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