My fave antique booth

We don't really have a lot of antique shops around town. However we do have this one large antique mall called Angel's Antiques. I usually visit it on Sundays when I'm bored and there is not a lot of anything to do. Well I decided to go after class Wednesday night because I had not been in quite awhile. This one is my favorite booth there: it's called Time to Go!

An overall view of the tiny booth

Some handmade blankets she has for sale

Some craft and cookbooks and other textiles beneath

An amazing assortment of bias tapes and trims

Vintage pyrex and tea towels outside the booth

Vintage buttons along the back wall

Rows and baskets of vintage fabrics

The goodies that I brought home:

4 cards of vintage buttons

spool of yardages of vintage cotton twill tape

Actually 3 of the button cards I purchased from this booth; the card on the farthest right with the five blue buttons I bought from another booth. The spool of tape was only $5 and the buttons from this booth were only $0.50 a card. The buttons from the other booth were $2.50, but it was well worth it!


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  1. buttons! in fabulously organized little rows! and pyrex! and vintage fabrics! this is a very cool booth.

    (eveyinorbit via swapbot)


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